The following is a partial listing of projects
successfully performed by Mark Dobson,
Jeff Neathery and DNA Geosciences.

Newell Companies, San Antonio, TX. Contamination assessment and soil removal action of lead impacted soils along property boundary shared with neighboring property.

ETC Information Services, San Antonio, TX. Litigation support for lawsuit involving elevated lead levels in a residential neighborhood, South San Antonio.

City of Poth, TX. Assessment of alleged impacts to stock tanks from irrigation of wastewater treatment plant effluent. WWTP is operated by San Antonio River Authority.

Lajitas, TX. Siting and permitting of Class V injection well for disposal of NORM waste stream.

Camp Verde, TX. Remote sensing (EM-31) survey to delineate burial grounds in support of site selection for new restaurant.

Caliber Collision Center, San Antonio, TX. Removal of 13 hydraulic lifts and overexcavation of contaminated soils.

Food Spot Conoco, San Antonio, TX. Subsurface soil investigation at a service station as part of a property transfer.

Trinity Oaks Subdivision, San Antonio, TX. Provide geologic mapping as part of a Water Pollution Abatement Plan for the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.

One Stop Development Center, San Antonio, TX. Delineation of lead contamination, remediation of elevated levels, closure under Texas Risk Reduction Program.

Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX. TAPP (Technical Assistance for Public Participation) Contractor - Provide technical reviews of environmental reports and report results to Restoration Advisory Board.

SBC Arena, San Antonio, TX. Sampling of soils and groundwater from excavation and closure of adjacent landfill.

VIA Maintenance Facility, San Antonio, TX. Perform subsurface investigation and initiated free product removal.

Historic downtown Building, Austin, TX. Conducted a ground penetrating radar investigation to verify the existence of underground storage tanks beneath the building.